Our Mission

AHA! Mission

We do not just speak languages, we are living them every day. Driven by great passion we work to pass on languages to others. At AHA! we love languages, both mother tongues and foreign languages. We want to inspire others and kindle in them the same love for foreign languages and cultures.




Our principles

#1 Learn a new language while having fun - students and trainers.

Learning is a very social experience: we come together and exchange information, learn together and interact with each other on so many levels. It is important to us that this happens in a pleasant environment where everyone feels comfortable. We believe that this positive attitude promotes learning success.




#2 Learning and communicating

The most important thing is to use and speak a learned language. Our courses are custom-made, so that learners can acquire the skills they need for their job or everyday life. The successful use of a newly learned language gives a tremendous sense of achievement and generates more motivation to keep learning.




#3 You never stop learning

Lifelong learning for our course participants and our trainers is a priority to us. Not only we want to accompany and support learners of all ages in their language learning, but we ourselves never stop learning and are constantly updating our skills. We offer a varied course programme, that constantly changes. Our course content is regularly revised and adapted, and valuable feedback from participants is gratefully taken on board. Together with our partners we strive to become better.




#4 Language and culture are inextricably linked

Learning a new language is not just about learning grammar and vocabulary. We also always try to convey the culture, history and insight into a foreign society to awaken the learners' interest in the country and its people. Learning and using a new language is a sign of respect and appreciation for the native speakers of a country, which is why we at AHA! try to get learners excited about the culture, music, history and of course the people.




#5 Social and sustainable

We are aware of our responsibility, thus we design our courses to be inclusive. We are conscious that living in a peaceful, stable and social country it’s a privilege and therefore social projects are dear to our hearts. We want to make our contribution to a better society and the conservation of resources. For this reason, it is crucial to us to teach in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way. For example, by using various digital media like digital flipcharts to save paper and by providing our course participants fresh water to avoid unnecessary plastic waste. We want to do our part to protect our environment.