German remedial lessons for Ukrainian children
German remedial lessons for Ukrainian children

German remedial lessons for Ukrainian children

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You can either buy course books and units for the project through the webshop, or the Simply donate the desired amount by bank transfer:
IBAN: AT20 2050 6077 0009 1890   | BIC: SPKUAT22XXX | Sparkasse Kufstein
Subject: Donation for Ukraine project

We would like to offer German lessons for children and young people, because unfortunately children under the age of 14 do not receive any funding for German courses from the "Austrian Integration Fund" (ÖIF). We know from experience that it is difficult for learners of German with different levels at the same time. With our additional support, everyday school life should be made easier for everyone.

With your donation you support us with the German course for children and young people from the Ukraine, so that they can quickly integrate in Kufstein and find new friends. Of course we are happy to report in the social media or. also the local press about the project or your support, and of course we are happy to keep you up to date on the learning progress of the children. If you have any questions, please call 05373-20222 or


Two projects are planned: support for the rest of the school year and then a German course in the summer to prepare the children for the next school year.

  • Funding during the school year - this project is currently a priority
    2x weekly 2UE each 45min (total 180min weekly)
    12 weeks from 18. April 2022 to 7. July 2022
    € 45 per 45-minute unit, 48 units in total
    € 2160,- plus 90,- for the books depending on age, "Hallo Anna" or "Wo ist Paula" published by Klett Verlag
    € 2250,- per group of 6 children, the goal would be 2 groups so total costs of € 4500,-
  • German course in summer (max. 6 children per group)
    4 units daily in the morning, corresponds to 20 units per week - thus costs of € 900 per week per group; With 9 weeks of vacation, the total costs for the summer are € 8,370 (incl. EUR 180,- for books)
    This means €155 per child per week or €1395 for the entire summer.