Promotion letter friend - FREE

Promotion letter friend - FREE

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Campaign pen friends

With our letter friend campaign, you now have the opportunity to make new friends and have a lot of fun - by letter!

You also have the chance to have a foreign-language pen pal and thus improve your language skills.

Pen pals are different but just as beautiful. Regular exchanges with a pen pal can generate interesting and fun perspectives, and it's casual and uncomplicated. There is no "read" or "received" indicator that makes you feel like you need to write back immediately - you can just take your time to compose your reply. It remains exciting - because you never know when the next letter will come!

Here's how you can participate:

1.      Write a letter for your potential pen pal. Just write something that you would like to tell - for example about yourself or a topic that interests you!

2.      Send a letter to us at the AHA! Learning Center or drop it off. Add a note in which language you want to have the pen pal and how old you are. Very important: Don't forget the sender so that your pen pal can write back to you!

3.      Wait for your pen pal to reply!


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