Hypnosis: Achieve goals more easily & be successful.

Is it possible to overcome blocks, to put an end to negative thoughts & memories, to regain a positive attitude towards life and achieve our goals with motivation & efficiency? Yes, with hypnosis!

Personal well-being, mental strength and a healthy work-life balance are becoming increasingly important. Everyday working life in companies is becoming more and more stressful, the demands are increasing and at the same time we are setting ourselves ever higher standards. Our courses specifically promote the mental strength of the participants and help them to achieve their goals in a healthy and motivated way.


Hypnosis is an instrument for releasing (learning) blocks, preventing burn-out, strengthening the immune system, stopping smoking, losing weight and much more. Our subconscious mind creates much more than our conscious self, so we open this door and use our full potential.


How does an hypnosis session work?

Before the first session, we will have a conversation to get to know each other and to define the goals of the hypnosis. It is also possible to solve problems and blockages without the hypnotherapist knowing them - but in principle it is better to know the wishes or problems to be able to work on them specifically.

After this first conversation, the session begins - relaxed in a comfortable chair, you listen to me and I accompany you into a deep state of relaxation, which we then use to release blockages, re-evaluate situations in a positive way and create a positive self-image, which is the basis for a successful implementation.


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